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Partner Sites and Applications

Qonqr Triangletech

  Qonqr Web and mobile app for maps and zone history and much more!!!

Zone Drone

  DataViz tool that shows efforts, towers and ranges


  Zone and region activity application


  Houston ZOne watcher


  The QonqrReport is a daily report for all Players in Germany.

Italy Monitor

  A QONQR activities monitor for Italian players

Zone Observation Bot

  Zone Observation GroupMe Bot for Faceless covering most of Europe. Periodically sends messages informing about bigger zones that are under attack.


  Monitoring and alerting for specific zones

sQynet Europe

  Europe analysis system and Swarm scanner

Swiss Faceless Monitor

  Switzerland monitor / observation for Faceless. Zone Control informations, Historic Data and analysis.

Zone Qontrol

  Monitor Zones in the Continental United States