As you level up, you are allowed more bases. A Create Base icon will appear if you can create a new base in your current zone.  You must physically be in a zone to create a base there.

You may only create a base in a zone that is your current location.  You may need to drive, walk, or take public transportation to another zone to create more bases.

To remove a base, center the base on the map. The base information box in the lower left of the screen will display the base name. Tap the information box to expand it. Hit the trash can icon to remove the base.

Bases that your faction controls will fill up faster than bases in enemy zones. You might want to remove and add new bases accordingly to maximize your qredit havesting.

You can check a base's fill rate by expanding the information box in the lower left of the screen, after you center the base on the screen.

Do you have enough nanobots and energy for the formation you have selected? You may need to wait for your scope to charge, or use a Refresh.

You may be launching into a zone that is out of range. Check your range in the bottom panel. Your formation icon will be orange if it is ready to launch.

You may have been infected with Sync Lock. Enemies can lock your scope to another player’s, and this effects your launch capability.

Learn more about SyncLock

After launching bots into a zone, you will see a launch result screen full of statistics. The top of the screen will show you a new summary of the zone, showing how many bots each faction has in the zone.

It is possible to launch the same formation into the zone again from this screen. If you are able to launch again, a relaunch button will appear.

A summary of the battle outcomes will show you your progression towards advancing in level, and earning Gold Status for the week. Summary statistics will show you how many enemy bots you destoryed and how many of your own bots survived the attack. You will also be able to review a detailed break down of what bots are in the zone for both you and your opponents. Understanding what bots your opponents have in the zone, is important for choosing the best formation for your next attack.

If your attack results in a notable outcome, such as capturing the zone, becoming the zone leader, or destorying all of an opponents bots, you will have a chance to share your battle success on Social Media.

In some battle scenarios, such as battling in Atlantis or in a Tunneled Zone, it is possible that you may find a free item as a result of your attack. This is referred to as "Salvage". Items you salvage from an attack are added to your inventory.

While launching you may be prompted to verify you are not a robot. There are two types of launch verification techniques in QONQR. The first is a simple swipe action that asks you to verify you are a human. You do this by selecting the correct swipe bar and dragging it as the arrows indicate. If you swipe the wrong slider, the app will return to the map, which will also move in a random direction.

The sliders appear in random orientations in random spots on the screen. It is necessary to have this mechanism in the game because prior to this check, multiple players created robots to automatically play the game for them. This check makes it more difficult for a cheater to build a robot to play for them.

While launching you may be prompted to verify you are not a robot. Launch verification is the second anti-roboting mechanism in QONQR. This mechanism requires a player to match up images. Image you are entering a secret launch code. You are given a sympol, letter, number or shape and must find the corresponding image that most closely matches it. For example a blue capital letter 'R' turned sideways would match an orange lower case 'r' that is upside down. A solid orange traiangle pointing up, would match a hollow blue triangle pointing left.

This anti-cheating mechanism is much harder for a robot to pass, but it is also challenging for a human to do quickly. Therefore users are presented with this challenge less frequently. Players who fail to take too long to pass this check, or fail too many time are flagged for suspicious activity and may find their accounts banned.

Sync Lock is a game mechanic implemented to reduce the number of players who are using multiple devices to control their nearby towns and cities. These players are commonly referred to as multiscopers. Play fair. One player, one device.

When two devices are used near each other they become vulnerable to Sync Lock. If two or more devices are sync locked to each other, they will share the same metrics for calculating scope overheat. This will slow the regeneration of bots and energy to the point a player using multiple devices would be better off using a single device.

Sync Lock only impacts devices while they are in the same zone. If two players are sync locked, but one goes to work while the other goes to school in different zones, the impact is removed while the devices are in different zones. Sync Lock will only affect players while in the same zone.

If you suspect two players are actually a single person playing with two accounts, you can attempt to infect the two accounts with a Sync Lock virus. Visit the web portal and use the Sync Lock option under your dashboard. Only players that have completed training (Level 100) may attempt to lock other players using Sync Lock. This is necessary to avoid abuse, whereby a player may create many new player accounts just to send Sync Lock attempts.

To avoid abuse, a "packet" is needed to use Sync Lock. A new Sync Lock Packet is issued to every player at midnight UTC, if they do not already have a packet. If you are able to lock two players with Sync Lock, your packet will be recovered and can be used again. If the Sync fails, you will lose your packet. You must wait until midnight to get a new one. If you wish to attempt to lock more players before midnight, you may purchase one for qredits.

Family members and work colleagues who play together can break Sync Lock by proving they are separate individuals. Play the Sync Lock Mini-game, found under the Player Profile on the mobile app, to prove you are two individuals and not a multiscoper.

Sync Lock is determined by comparing the launches of two players over the previous 24 hours. The system will identify all launches where two players were in the same location at the same time (within an hour). Same location not only uses the GPS coordinates of the player, but also the accuracy of the GPS signal. Players who use a device without a real GPS antenna, but rather use cell tower triangulation or WiFi for location, will have a poor accuracy rating. This could result in two players who live on the same city block being Sync Locked, because location accuracy was as poor as 1 or 2 KM.

Two players who play together often may look like a multi-scoper, and may be sync locked. These two players can prove they are not a multi-scoper by playing the Sync Lock minigame.

The Sync Lock Protection mini-game is a cooperative real-time shooter game. Two players work together to defeat a series of AI enemies. Since the players are playing together at the same time we can verify the location of the two players and verify that these two players are not a multiscoper. Players who prove they are individuals by playing the mini-game will earn protection fromf Sync Lock for the next 24 hours. If players are currently locked, they will be unlocked. The mini-game can be played by any two players at any time.

To achieve Sync Lock protection, players must defeat multiple bosses, finishing the game with almost no shields and having contributed significant damage each. These game requirements are intended to reduce the chance that cheaters would build a robot to play the game for them as they drive away from from home. This may sound ridiculous, however we have experiences many situations over the years where players have built both software and physical robots to auto-play QONQR. The distance players must be apart is dependent on the quality of GPS signal. Players cannot be moving while playing.

To invite a player to the mini-game, search for the player in the mobile application. Tap the "Protection" link under the "Actions" tab of the player you wish to invite to the mini-game.

There are 3 types of weapons and 3 types of shields; Electric, Plasma, and Cannon. If the enemy AI shoots the electric weapon at you, you should attempt to block with the electric shield. Blocking with the correct shield will result in the least damage. Blocking with the wrong shield will result in significant damage to that shield. You may fire at the enemy while they fire at you, each taking damage to yours weapons. Each weapon does different damage to other types of weapons and shields. Disovering the differnt damage levels for weapons and shields is important in understanding how to maximize your lifespan while inflicting the most damage.